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The Lion Man

by The Oneironaut - 15:33 on 29 September 2016





















Some years ago, between the years 2000-2003 I was experiencing extremely frequent recurring dreams with a feline theme. In the dreams the cats, domestic and big cats would often transform into humans and vice versa. Here is an example of a particularly powerful vivid dream which felt more than just a dream:

Dream on 30 June 2001. An image of three men in a small boat on the ocean. They wear clothing like ‘odd’ T-shirts with odd armholes in them, not usual but similar to T-shirts. They have come into dock in their small boat after being almost swamped by a huge ship/liner. But they are laughing as if they were not worried by apparent danger, it is just a good adventure. They found it fun.

Then I am called in to a room where one of the men is standing. The man is wearing a white T-shirt and faded blue trousers. He is tall, muscular and with ginger-tawny wavy hair and beard. His eyes are beautiful: large, hazel coloured (greeny) and almond shaped.  He leans forward and kisses me gently on the face, though it is more like a ‘lick’ (like a cat’s ‘kiss‘).    

I then leave the room, but after a bit go back in. The man is sitting in an armchair but stands up as I enter. I am surprised at how tall he is. He seems to tower above me now. He smiles gently and moves to stand behind me. I ask what he is doing, and he says not to worry. He leans against my back and I feel powerful surges or waves of energy from him. They rise up from my feet through my body. He says he is tuning into or getting used to my ‘rhythms’ (compared to him I am a young, small, thin, fragile human female), and he says “it will strengthen your heart”. (I don’t know whether he actually is speaking to me or if it is a telepathic understanding).

I feel my breathing regulate to match the timing of his waves of energy. He also stamps a little as if copying the much smaller steps I take (compared to his). It is a bonding energy. Then I see a large feline head above me bending down and grooming me. It is a most wonderful sensation, there is a purring vibration. The feline head appears white and black with some ginger. Though the man had ginger-tawny wavy hair (yes, a mane-like quality) and hair on the face though not exactly like human beard, and green-hazel eyes.

I am now meeting the gaze of those eyes, and notice pale pink eyelids as if the eyes protrude just a little. There is an importance about the eyes in the dream, as if he encourages me to look into them though not exactly saying so in words. All his features are larger than human, head larger too... and I sense a very robust, powerful energy which is very masculine but also wise and gentle and smiling.

On waking, I did not wish to leave that wonderful energy! I recognise this ‘lion-man’ (but not lion, more large cat) as the same being in the dream on 22 Nov 2000. 

Usually my two cats sleep on my bed at night. Oddly, neither of them were in my room when I woke from this dream experience. I went through to the bathroom and found them both lurking in the hallway near the front door. They looked a bit wary about something...



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