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Faery Humour

by Suzanne Gyseman - 08:14 on 01 October 2016

























Sometimes, particularly when I'm feeling ill, the faeries pull funny faces and caper about to make me laugh.  I will wake up with my head full of funny faery faces which make me giggle while I quickly sketch them in my notebook (or on any handy piece of paper if I'm out somewhere, such as bits of till roll at my previous job). Some years ago I met an old classmate who told me he used to think I was crazy because I was often giggling to myself in class .... The faeries say it's good to laugh, it's a healing gift from them.

They also sometimes make me spill things, or they cause my forkfull of spaghetti and pesto to fall down my front, or they flick sauce onto a painting I'm working on. They think that's very funny, though it makes me cross ... they think that's even funnier!




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